Heliosearch/Solr Facet Functions and Analytics

Traditional faceted search (also called guided navigation) involves counting search results that belong to categories (also called facet constraints). The new facet functions in Heliosearch/Solr extends normal faceting by allowing additional aggregations on document fields themselves. Combined with the new … Continued

Heliosearch/Solr Subfacets

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Subfacets (also called Nested Facets) is a more generalized form of Solr’s current pivot faceting that allows adding additional facets for every bucket produced by a parent facet. Subfacet advantages over pivot faceting: Subfacets work with facet functions (statistics), enabling … Continued

Solr’s New Expand Component

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Coming in Solr 4.8 is a new search component called the ExpandComponent. The ExpandComponent can be used to expand parent/child relationships in Solr. This blog describes how to use the ExpandComponent to expand the groups that were collapsed by the … Continued