Streaming Aggregation For SolrCloud

Introduction Tuples, TupleStreams and Sorted Streams SolrStream Stream Decorators Streaming Set Operations Streaming Aggregation Distributed Searching, Sorting and Streaming: CloudSolrStream A Bottleneck Rears It’s Ugly Head! Distributed Aggregation: ParallelStream Scaling-up With SolrCloud Replicas   Introduction This blog describes the new … Continued

Solr Cross Data Center Replication

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Solr needs a flexible cross-datacenter architecture that can handle both a variety of application needs as well as a variety of infrastructure resources. Design Goals Accommodate 2 or more data centers Accommodate active/active uses Accommodate limited band-with cross-datacenter connections Minimize … Continued

Solr Cloud Client Side Document Routing

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In Solr 4.5, client side document routing was added to CloudSolrServer. This feature routes document updates to the correct shard leader. This is the default behavior for CloudSolrServer so you don’t have to do anything to turn it on. Just … Continued