Off-Heap FieldCache Faceting and Sorting

Lucene/Solr background Lucene has a segmented architecture – when a small amount of documents are added to an existing index, this will often just add an additional small segment to the index. Caching data structures at the segment level (e.g. … Continued

A History of Lucene and Solr

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I’ve often seen mistaken descriptions of Solr as just “a http wrapper around Lucene”. Unfortunately that mischaracterization was never nipped in the bud early enough and has continued to be repeated in many places such as press articles (where it … Continued

Parameter Substitution / Macro Expansion

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Macro Expansion is a new Heliosearch feature that does parameter substitution across all request parameters. The macro expansion is done at the same point in time that default parameters are applied (i.e. when the request reaches the correct solr request … Continued

Solr 4.8 Features

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Solr 4.8 has been released. Here’s an overview of how to use some of the new features. Complex Phrase Queries The complexphrase query parser can produce phrase queries with embedded wildcards and boolean queries. It works via multiple passes, parsing … Continued

Getting started with Tomcat and Solr

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Step 1: Download HDS Apache Solr by default ships with a Jetty based Solr server in the “example” directory, but many people prefer Tomcat. Configuring your own Tomcat server can be daunting, as can be seen by the large list … Continued

Heliosearch/Solr Off-Heap FieldCache Performance

Heliosearch’s off-heap FieldCache was previously introduced and benchmarked for integer fields. Support for all numeric field types as well as string fields has now been completed, and this post will focus on the performance of string fields. A review of … Continued

Solr 4.7 Features

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Solr 4.7 has been released! Here’s a slightly more in-depth overview of some selected features. Deep Paging Both single node, and distributed deep paging have been added to Solr! I previously created an example of how to use Solr’s deep … Continued

nCache: Heliosearch/Solr Off-Heap FieldCache

nCache Heliosearch has a new replacement for the Lucene FieldCache currently used by Solr for sorting, faceting, and function queries.   Introducing nCache (n is for “native”): nCache has Off-Heap Data-structures, just like the Off-Heap Filters to lower garbage collection … Continued

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