MurmurHash3 for Java

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Background I needed a really good hash function for the distributed indexing we’re implementing for Solr. Since it will be used for partitioning documents, it needed to be really high quality (well distributed) since we don’t want uneven shards. It … Continued

Solr’s Realtime Get

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Solr took another step toward increasing it’s NoSQL datastore capabilities, with the addition of realtime get. Background As readers probably know, Lucene/Solr search works off of point-in-time snapshots of the index. After changes have been made to the index, a … Continued

Indexing JSON in Solr 3.1

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Solr has been able to produce JSON results for a long time, by adding wt=json to any query. A new capability has recently been added to allow indexing in JSON, as well as issuing other update commands such as deletes … Continued

Solr Result Grouping / Field Collapsing

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Result Grouping, also called Field Collapsing, has been committed to Solr! This functionality limits the number of documents for each “group”, usually defined by the unique values in a field (just like field faceting). You can think of it like … Continued

CSV output for Solr

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Solr has been able to slurp in CSV for quite some time, and now I’ve finally got around to adding the ability to output query results in CSV also. The output format matches what the CSV loader can slurp. Adding … Continued

Ranges over Functions in Solr 1.4

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Solr 1.4 contains a new feature that allows range queries or range filters over arbitrary functions.  It’s implemented as a standard Solr QParser plugin, and thus easily available for use any place that accepts the standard Solr Query Syntax by … Continued

Filtered query performance increases for Solr 1.4

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One of the many performance improvements in the upcoming Solr 1.4 release involves improved filtering performance. Solr 1.4 filters are both faster (anywhere from 30% to 80% faster to calculate intersections, depending on configuration), take less memory (40% smaller), and … Continued

Solr scalability improvements

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With CPU cores constantly increasing, there has been some major work done in Lucene/Solr to increase the scalability under multi-threaded load. Read-only IndexReaders One bottleneck was synchronization around the checking of deleted docs in a Lucene IndexReader.  Since another thread … Continued

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